Affirmative Action 

Sue Pawaji, Chair Affirmative Action Committee
This committee is to uphold and reaffirm the University’s position and commitment to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and the creation of an inclusive campus climate.


Campus Environment
Malcolm Bowman,
Chair Campus Environment Committee
The Campus Environment Committee is comprised of UUP members working to maintain and preserve as much of the natural environment of our campus community.


Community Service 
Nancy Gaugler,
Chair Community Service Committee
The Community Service Committee is comprised of UUP members working hand-in-hand with many available resources and services to offer assistance to our campus community and our neighbors.


Health & Safety
Nick Koridis
, Chair Health & Safety Committee                   632-6447
The Safety and Health Committee shall identify and review safety-related issues affecting employees and shall recommend plans for the correction of such matters.


Charlie McAteer, Chair Retiree Committee
The Retiree Committee shall identify and review retiree issues as well as assisting retirees with their transition.


Regina Ava

Regina Lento, Co-Chair Social Committee   
Ava Amrieh, Co-Chair Social Committee         
The Social Committee shall provide events for the members of the union chapter to come together.


US Labor Against the War
Mike Zweig
, Chair US Labor Against the War Committee
This committee a reform-coalition of hundreds of unions, central labor councils and state federations who are united in opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are organizing workers to put pressure on the government to demilitarize US foreign policy and the creation of new domestic priorities for government spending.


Women’s Rights & Concerns

Laura Pellizzi, Chair Women’s Rights & Concerns Committee
This committee will investigate and present issues and concerns that our chapter needs to act on relating to the health, well-being, pay and treatment of women on and off campus.