Deficit Reduction Plan Repayment
The final Deficit Reduction Leave (DRL) repayment will be received in the December 13, 2017 paycheck. There will also be an additional “catch up” repayment in the December 27, 2017 paycheck for those who do not receive the full amount in the December 13th paycheck. Members’ total amount of pay per paycheck will be reduced due to the conclusion of the repayment of the loan to the State.

Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) Sunset
The “Planning for Option Transfer” materials that our members recently received which announced the open enrollment period for the Productivity Enhancement Program [PEP] for 2018, excluded UUP-represented employees for 2018. This occurred because PEP “sunset” (ceased being in effect for use by employees) following the expiration of the 2011/16 State/UUP Agreement absent separate agreement to extend it. While we expect that PEP will be restored following ratification of a new UUP/NYS Contract, the State has not agreed to extend it while contract negotiations are still in process.

DCAA Employer Contribution Sunset
The open enrollment period for the 2018 Flex Spending Accounts (Health Care Spending Account and Dependent Care Advantage Account) closed November 6th.

Under previous UUP-NYS contracts, UUP members who enrolled for a Dependent Care Advantage Account also received an employer contribution to their DC Account to assist with dependent care expenses. While we expect that the employer contribution will be restored once a new contract between UUP and the State is ratified, the employer contribution has “sunset” following the expiration of the 2011-2016 Agreement. The State has not agreed to provide an employer contribution while contract negotiations continue.

Although the DCAA employer contribution is not currently available, interested members who experience a qualifying change in circumstances during 2018 are still encouraged to enroll in DCAA without it.

Enrolling in 2018 will still result in significant savings on dependent care expenses.  In addition, it is the best way to protect eligibility for an employer contribution when contract negotiations conclude. Interested members should visit for additional information.