Members only contract negotiations update is available here:


Negotiations update on UUP Members Only page Available Here


The Members Only site is password-protected; use the last five digits of your employee ID as your unique password to enter the site. Your employee ID can be found in the center of your pay stub, listed as NYS EMPLID.

Once you enter your NYS EMPLID, you will automatically go to a second page. There, you will be asked to select your campus from a drop-down menu, and enter your five-digit Department ID. Your Department ID can also be found on your paystub, in the box just left of the NYS EMPLID.

If you are using an electronic pay stub or electronic payroll records, your department ID may be listed as Department Code, Campus Code, or Agency Code. Campuses use different terminology for department ID numbers.

The graphic below shows you where to find your NYS EMPLID (red circle) and your Department ID (green circle) on a printed pay stub.

uupdate 11-14-16

We are committed to communicating with the membership about contract negotiations to the extent possible as negotiations proceed. We have created the members-only web portal to facilitate this communication. This is your contract, and we want members to be informed, involved and active at every stage of the process.

Please continue to check the UUP website, and the new members-only section in particular, for periodic negotiations updates. Please tell your UUP co-workers about this site and encourage them to use the last five digits of their employee ID to check for updates.

Agreement Between United University Professions and the State of New York: July 2, 2011-July 1, 2016

NOTE: To search document, press and hold the Control key. While holding the Control
key, type the letter f. A search box will pop up, allowing you to search the document.

Contract questions can be sent to UUP at