Do you know that UUP has a provision in the contract for a Leave Donation Program? If you don’t then you should look at page 114 of the current contract (7/2/2011-7/1/2016.) At the bottom of the page you’ll find “APPENDIX A-45: Leave Donation Program”. This is one of the most valuable provisions in our contract because it serves an audience that may be at risk not only for salary but for their medical benefits as well – and those benefits may be covering their entire family.

From the contract: “The intent of the Program is to assist employees who, because of long-term illness, have exhausted all of their leave benefits as provided for in Article 23.2, 23.4 and 23.5 of the Agreement between the State and UUP and are subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work….”. Pay special attention to the “Eligibility Criteria” when reading Appendix A-45. Once having read through this area of the contract you should look at the HR webpage relating to the Faculty/Professional Leave Donation Program.

Please understand that there are restrictions and provisions that must be met or in place prior to becoming a recipient for leave donations. To review the HR page regarding the Faculty/Professional Leave Donation Program please visit:

On this page you will find links to the Recipient Application and the Program Donor Form.

Once having reviewed both the contract and the HR Webpage you should have a full understanding of this valuable benefit.

Let’s hope you never have to use it!