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NYS Health Insurance Program 877-769-7447
United Healthcare (medical or sugical benefits and claims, outpatient reaiology, certification of home care, medical equipment, and uspplies, infertility and cancer Centers of Excellence or chiropractic and physical therapy benefits) 877-769-7447, Press 8,1
Empire BlueCross BlueShield (hospital benefits and claims, preadmission certification of in-patient hospital, skilled nursing facility admissions or Centers of Excellence for Transplant surgeries) 877-769-7447, Press 8, 2
ValueOptions (mental health and substance abuse benefits and claims, authorizatoin of services or referrals to network providers 877-769-7447, Press 8,3
CVS|CareMark (prescription drug coverage, claims, flexible formulary, preferred drug lists, the Excelsior Plan three level preferred drug lists, prescription mail service) 877-769-7447, Press 8,4
NurseLine (health information, education, and support) 877-769-7447, Press 8,5