The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers and the first five members elected in the Chapter election for the position of Academic or Professional Delegate.


Voting Executive Board Members as of 2017:
Kevin M. Moriarty (Chapter President)
Frederick Walter (VP for Academics)
Diane Bello (VP for Professional)
Andrew Manos (Secretary)
Jennifer Jokinen (Treasurer)
John Shackelford (Officer for Contingents)
Charles McAteer (Officer for Retirees)
Judith Wishnia (Academic Delegate)
Michael Zweig (Academic Delegate)
Patricia Dunn (Academic Delegate)
Arnold Wishnia (Academic Delegate)
Jason F. Torre (Academic Delegate)
Arthur M. Shertzer (Professional Delegate)
Pamela E. Wolfskill (Professional Delegate)
Nicholas Koridis (Professional Delegate)
Yumi Yoshino-Hempel (Professional Delegate)
Paula Di-Pasquale (Professional Delegate)