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Upcoming Events

Women’s Concerns Workshop – Breast Cancer Awareness,  Wednesday Oct 27th @ noon,  Wang Center Room 201, RSVP to www.uupsbu.org  Pre-Retirement Meeting,  Tuesday Nov 17th @ noon,  SAC Ballroom A, RSVP to www.uupsbu.org


Hats for Heroes –
Let’s remember our veterans and show them our appreciation for all that they have sacrificed!
We are collecting donations to purchase  military service hats for our veterans who reside at the LISVH (Long Island State Veterans Home). There are 250 new admissions each year and they really appreciate receiving these hats.  We present them to each veteran who attends the November 6th ceremony at LISVH personally and those who can’t attend receive theirs from the LISVH staff.

Your $5 donation will purchase a hat for one of our US veterans who reside at the LISVH. Mail/Deliver cash or check made out to “Stony Brook Foundation/LISVH” and note in Memo “Hats for Heroes program, SBF account 285040”. Must be received by Nov. 2nd to Nancy Gaugler, Computing Center, Z=2400. Any questions contact Nancy.Gaugler@stonybrook.edu or 632-6241.

SEFA/United Way Campaign – Support the UUP College Scholarship Fund
If you are considering donating to the SEFA/United Way campaign, keep in mind that UUP has a College Scholarship Fund. Your donation will help up to five SUNY undergraduate and post baccalaureate students fulfill their dreams of a college education. UUP College Scholarships are a one-time award of $3,000. It’s easy to do. When you receive the SEFA form, just fill it out and send it in. Enter Charity #999-02156
Affirmative Action Committee
If anyone is interested in joining the Affirmative Action Committee, the first meeting of the committee will be held on Wednesday, November 4th at noon in the UUP office.
Fall Back – Daylight Saving Time
As we head deeper into Fall, just a reminder to set your clocks back 1 hour before you go to bed on Halloween night.


*RSVP* No later than three days prior to an event for lunch orders.
UUP Office: Room S-5415 • Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library • Zip = 3388 • 632-6570

Theresa Kist, Editor

Happy PayDay October 21, 2015